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Grey Camo Change Robe with Orange Fleece - Set Robe

Grey Camo Change Robe with Orange Fleece - Set Robe

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BEFORE YOU PURCHASE here is our Size Guide

Our full size guide can be found here

Please check the sizing carefully.  We have tried to give indicative sizing above but these are guidelines only. 

Please also bear in mind that these robes are oversized – to allow for changing underneath – and, if you don’t want to change under it but rather just use it as a coat for, say, walking the dog, then you may want a snugger fit/smaller size than you might otherwise chose. 

 We regularly get requests to exchange robes due to sizing and this is invariably for people to move down in size as the buyer has neglected to look at the measurements and understand the sizing.

The oversized nature of the robes makes them ideal for changing underneath (traditional use of the robes) but also for use as a sub coat – where a range of body types and heights can fit into a robe and still keep the wearer warm and dry.  This oversizing, alongside the robustness of the robes, also means that kids can get years of use out of a robe.  All of our robes have long sleeves for extra warmth with Velcro straps to accommodate shorter arms (they look equally cool rolled up Miami vice style … we are showing our age now!).

Taking Care of your Robe

If you purchase a robe, please ensure that you are fully aware of the care instructions before you use your robe.


To lengthen the life of your robe, please follow these simple instructions. 

Please try to clean your robe with a damp sponge first or maybe wash by hand in warm water first. (Any waterproof material loses its effectiveness each time its washed).

If however, you prefer to machine wash it, first sponge off any mud or dirt, turn your robe inside out and wash at a Max 30 degree wash.

Use Non-bio powder and do NOT hot wash

DO NOT use Fabric Conditioner

DO NOT tumble dry


DO NOT bleach

DO NOT dry clean

Please note the chemicals in detergent breakdown the composition of the fibres of any waterproof material, it strips the fabric of its waterproof coating. 

If you notice the fabric of your coat is absorbing rather than repelling water, its time to reproof it using a waterproof spray or a wash in waterproofer. 




Designed specifically for the TV and Film industry, Set Robe by RuggaRobe is the perfect warm, waterproof cover coat and change robe for cast crew, wardrobe and make-up artists. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beth C.

I bought a small based on advice from someone I know, it hasn’t been off my body since it arrived. (My mother has stolen it a few times to go walking - living in Ireland we need something that will be effective against the bad weather, which this 100% does)
The website is easy to navigate and the “wheel of fortune” is a fun interactive feature.

I’m delighted I bought it and I’ve recommended it to so many people who’ve asked about the coat.

10/10 ruggarobe!

Mike Gilbert

We purchased a set robe and are more than satisfied with quality of the robe, definitely recommend without hesitation. Great company and excellent quality products. Brilliant customer service and prompt delivery.

Vanda Ramos
Best purchase of 2023

I absolutely love my new set robe! So warm and perfect for cold/windy/rainy days… so I know because I already tested it in all those. It looks so cool which is a bonus!

  • 100% Recycled material

  • Waterproof

  • Windproof