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  • Team Sports - Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Football

    RuggaRobe began with a focus on Rugby, trying to keep our little ones warm and dry on a cold winter’s morning. However, RuggaRobe’s warm and waterproof change robe features are a perfect fit for a range of other sports such as football, hockey and netball and really, just about any team sport.  Anywhere the weather is cold and/or wet, RuggaRobe dry robe ensures that the wearer is warm and dry before, during and after the event!

  • Watersports - Swimming, Surfing & Paddleboarding

    Most towel robes were created for the surfing and swimming industries.  Surfers and swimmers alike required beach changing robes and swimming change robes to ensure that they could discreetly remove swim clothing and wetsuits whilst staying warm and dry.  RuggaRobe provides an even thicker fleece lining which helps to dry your skin faster and keep you warmer than most other change robes out there. 

  • Running, Biking or Triathlons

    Running or biking outdoors in the unpredictable British weather means you are almost guaranteed to be going to be experiencing the cold and the wet. As most know going from hot to cold and back from cold to hot is not ideal.  RuggaRobe sports robe will ease that transition to help prevent injury after sporting events by keeping you warm and getting your body dry quickly.

  • Just watching/ Spectators!

    Whether you’re a mum, dad or grandparent, thanklessly standing on the pitchside while “little Johnnie” plays his third match of the weekend, or you’re off to watch Liverpool vs Manchester City in the premier league – its never much fun being outside in the cold and wet of the British winter (and sometimes the summer!).  RuggaRobe acts as the perfect winter robe to keep you warm, dry and comfortable so you can enjoy these outdoor activities comfortably.

  • Equestrian Sports

    A fantastic over coat, keeping you warm thanks to the thick internal fleece, and dry whilst you go about your yard duties during the early mornings or late evenings at the stables, RuggaRobe is the ideal equestrian winter robe for all seasons. Wear RuggaRobe over your show clothes whilst you wait your turn in the arena at shows and hunts, or after any unfortunate falls that we know the eventing community enjoy so much.  Windproof and waterproof, thanks to fully taped seams, the RuggaRobe over coat provides a wide open skirt due to the two way zip to the hem so can be worn whilst riding too. 

  • Changing post COVID

    Many venues now restrict access to changing rooms or don’t even offer them post Covid.  RuggaRobe is the ideal solution in such circumstances, allowing you to both change and dry yourself whilst preserving your modesty with ideal change robe features.  Long gone are the days of having to hold your towel up with one hand whilst struggling to change underneath it with the other! 

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  • Sports and other events

    As described on our sports page, the RuggaRobe is the ideal garment to accompany any active child or adult.  Ideal for keeping warm and dry before, during or after any sporting event, the oversizing of the RuggaRobe waterproof changing robe also allows for discreet clothing changes underneath it. 

  • School Overcoat

    The RuggaRobe can be a practical, yet flexible school overcoat.  It’s weatherproof and oversized, allowing the wearer to put it on over a uniform as a school jacket or to keep a sports kit dry. Our business partnerships allow for bespoke customisations of the garment – internal and external colours and embroidery – to match school, club or house requirements, all subject to minimum order requirements. 

  • Teachers and Coaching

    Like parents following their kids to training and matchdays, teachers are also asked to train and officiate sports events and to attend alongside pupils.  Let’s not forget them and their input – the RuggaRobe worn as a winter robe ensures that they are always warm and comfortable and are able to concentrate on the kids and their technique, rather than worrying about how to keep themselves warm and dry.  

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  • Outdoor activities

    Wherever you are outside – camping, in a pub garden or just walking the dog – the RuggaRobe means that you don’t have to worry about the weather anymore.  It’s never been so easy to go to the toilet on a campsite at 4am in the morning. 

  • Outdoor events

    The RuggaRobe is the perfect festival coat – no need to worry about the rain or cold while you enjoy your weekend festivities.  We can also embroider through our business partners if you would like a bespoke robe for a particular event.   

  • The beach

    The RuggaRobe is the perfect beach changing robe – allowing the wearer to change discreetly in comfort to dry off and warm up after chilly ocean swims.  Many wearers will also be seen just wearing their beach robe – despite Global Warming, the British weather can deliver a few shocks even in July and August! 

  • Just being outdoors

    Relaxing in the back garden on a summer evening and it starts to get a bit chilly, the RuggaRobe functions as the perfect winter robe and is far more environmentally friendly, and economically better, than turning on outside heaters that often just heat up the atmosphere rather than the individual.    

  • Dog Walking

    The great British pastime of dog walking can be a miserable place in the winter months, but our beloved dogs have got to get out.  A RuggaRobe ensures that the wearer can enjoy these walks and focus on their beloved dog rather than trying to stay warm

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