About Us



We are two sisters, whose childhood involved an old Monza caravan and doing Wainwright walks through the British Isles whatever the weather. We relish the outdoors and like our parents did with us we won't let the unpredictable weather get in the way.

We have 5 boys who love sports.....rugby, football, swimming, hitting the beach and anything messy! On Saturdays and Sundays we'll mostly be found shivering on the side-lines whilst they get as muddy as possible. This is where RuggaRobe was born! We wanted a reliable and affordable rugged robe that meant that they could carry on diving into the sports they love without a whinge or whine or a grumpy face in site as we all know there is nothing worse than cold kids.

Of course, as Mum's, there is always an ulterior motive and we wanted a way to strip them of their muddy clothes before those mucky paws hit the inside of the car. I don't know about you, but we were fed up with trying to get muddy wet clothes off the kids whilst also being their human changing cubicle .... RuggaRobe is basically a changing robe which keeps them snuggly warm and dry....we like to think of ourselves as Mother Hugga's spreading the warmth one robe at a time!